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HW News - Dell Class Action Lawsuit, NVIDIA DLSS on Linux, AMD x Samsung GPUs

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Shared June 10, 2021

This week: The announcement of Windows' next major update has been announced, the Atari VCS actually got publicly released, & a possible class-action suit against Dell is brewing.
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00:00 - Recapping the Week
01:12 - Update on New GN Testing & More
06:39 - Windows 11 Potentially Inbound
09:19 - Atari is Launching Its Atari VCS to the Public
12:43 - Dell Hit with False Marketing Class Action Suit
18:12 - Dell Kills Its Alienware External GPU Enclosure
19:29 - Steam Hardware Survey for May 2021
21:11 - Nvidia’s DLSS Is Coming to Linux
22:07 - TSMC Technology Symposium 2021 Recap
25:25 - AMD Confirms Samsung SoC with RDNA Inbound

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